Friday, 12 September 2014

September You Beauty Discovery Box

I moan about UK based beauty boxes constantly, but You Beauty have always been a brand who have caught my eye. At just £6.95 they're significantly cheaper than most boxes on the market, and you get to choose two of the products included in the box from a pretty good selection avoiding the disappointment that many beauty boxes bring. Despite loving the look if this box, it wasn't until I saw an offer making this September box completely free that I decided to give it a go and I felt the contents was so amazing that I had to share it with you guys!
The first thing to catch my eye was a lovely surprise in the form of Toni & Guy's Glamour Volume Plumping Whip at £7.19 For 90ml, this product is full size and covers the cost of the whole box. I have fine/flat hair so I'm intrested to see if this does anything for me!
The first product that I actually picked for myself was this wild about beauty lipstick in the shade eve (£15.00). For some reason mine arrived damaged as it's shown below, although I still look forward to trying as it looks like such a lovely shade.
The second and final product I selected was this pixi endless silky eye pen in the shade black cocoa, This is quite a nice sized sample, and the full sized product retails at a £11, so again you're getting your moneys worth.
The final surprises were this make up sponge, these yummy looking teas and a £25 voucher for Hello Fresh. All in all this was a fab box! I'm even tempted to keep my subscription open as I was so impressed! Have you tried You Beauty?

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Rio Nail Artist Shimmer & Sparkle

Rio Nail Artist Shimmer & Sparkle
I was recently given this Rio Nail Artist Shimmer & Sparkle set at a blogger meet up I attended, and while its something I would have never picked up for myself, I have really come to really love it over the past couple of weeks. The kit contains three nail polishes, five pots of assorted glitter, two rolls of stripping tape, a detail brush and dotter all for £19.99. Also included in the box is a handy DVD and paper guide for inspiration. I have to admit,  I was pleasantly surprised by this kit and despite my first thoughts that this was a little overpriced for someone as ebay savvy as myself, I would now happily part with my own money for another.
Rio Nail Artist Shimmer & Sparkle
For me what makes the kit worth the money is the quality of the three polishes. The nail art polish was opaque in two coats (each of which dried in record time) and the 3D glitter polishes applied really evenly. Three hours later copying one of the designs off of the box my nails looked a little something like this..
Rio Nail Artist Shimmer & Sparkle  notd
While I cant say the look lasted too long, as I am a terrible picker, I got so many compliments when I wore this look! Have you tried anything from Rio? 

Friday, 5 September 2014

Bourjois 123 Colour Correcting cream

Bourjois 123 Colour Correcting cream
Up until a few months ago I had never tried a CC Cream, so decided to grab this Bourjois one while it was on 3 for 2. As you can see below, this cream is very liquidy in texture, although I think this really helps when it comes to application as allows the CC Cream to blend well into my skin. I like applying this with my Eco tools skin perfecting brush and think the pair work nicely together. This product comes in four shades which is pretty good for a cc cream as generally most brands just have a light or dark shade. I have the lightest shade, ivory, which to be honest I feel like its a little too dark for my skintone, but this isn't much of an issue as this product blends so nicely.

 In terms of coverage this is pretty nice, obviously it isn't the highest in the world as it is a CC cream although it really covers what I need to to in terms of minimising spots and redness, and my freckles still shine through. I read on the Boots website that this could also be used as an under eye concealer, as a concealer I felt like it did quite a nice job so if you're going away on holiday this could be a nice 2-in-1 product for you, plus it has SPF 15 which is always welcomed. I've found this to be light on the skin, and it doesn't feel like I'm wearing a base when I have this on.
Bourjois 123 Colour Correcting cream
Overall I really liked this 123 Perfect colour correcting cream, and don't regret picking it up one bit! You can find it here for £9.99.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss

Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss loyal
I have wanted a clear lipgloss to wear over more drying lipsticks for a while now, so was really grateful when the lovely Becky sent one my way. 'Loyal'* is one of ten glosses in Youique's Lucrative Lipgloss range. They're all packaged in the same sturdy looking casing and come complete with a handy mirror on the side.
Loyal is a clear gloss, with what appears to be a lot of shimmer running through it, although once this is on the lips it isn't half a scary as it may look in the tube! In fact I think this slight shimmer helps give lips a more plump effect which is always an added bonus! 
Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss
I've found that Loyal to be very comfortable to wear on the lips as it isn't sticky at all! Although It's the applicator on this which makes the product really easy to apply and I simply adore the shape of it! If I'm using this over another product I never use the wand itself to apply the gloss as I don't want to stain it, instead I will simply place the product on the back of my hand, then apply to the lips with a brush or my fingers. Despite really loving the wand this comes with, I also love this way of applying the gloss as you can alter just how much you want to use on the lips.
I have enjoyed trying Loyal with different lipsticks over the past week or so, Although one of my favouite combos has to be this one which I posted on instagram yesterday, I found that the gloss needed to be retouched after a couple of hours, but didnt take away from the overall lipstick wear time.
At $15 this isn't the cheapest lipgloss in the world, but if your after a nice quality clear gloss, this could be the one for you! Younique offer a lovely range of colours which you can see here. Its full of amazingly pigmented shades which would really give liquid lipsticks a run for their money!

Do you like wearing a gloss over your lipstick?

Monday, 1 September 2014

Back to school beauty!

back to school makeup
Since today officially marks the start of September, I figured I'd kick the month off with a back to school make up post. Personally my school was pretty strict when It came to make up, so I've gone for a more natural look which involves just five products (perfect if you're a little lazy like me!).

Face - I know not every girl is confident leaving the house bare faced, which is why I've included this super cheap Osiris BB Cream I found in body care for just a pound! (although I can only find it online for £3.99 here). I just love using this on my skin as it gives me a lovely glow and just really helps to blur those imperfections, without looking like I'm wearing a face full of make up! This is a complete winner in my book, and an essential no girl should be without! Although sometimes BB cream alone just isn't enough on bad skin days, which is why I've included this £2.50 Essence concealer, to help cover up any imperfections still coming through. I feel like this is definitely one of the better concealers on the highstreet and will be reviewing very soon!

Eyes - I feel like filled in brows could be a little too much for school days, so I've simply added this clear mascara from MUA to help tame them! I use this on a daily basis and think it does a wonderful job, best of all its just a pound! Next I considered lashes, although personally mascara can be quite a big giveaway that you're wearing make up and a more natural looking one is the way to go. I've picked an Essence one which isn't too in your face, I would however recommend a brown mascara if you're looking for an even more natural look.. I just don't happen to own one!

Lips - Finally I've picked a natural looking tinted lip balm to keep your lips hydrated though out the day. This is peach kiss from the Babylips line and just acts as a really lovely 'my lips but better shade'

So there you have it, my back to school make up picks! Are there any products you would add or remove from this list?

Saturday, 30 August 2014

August favourites

I know I'm probably the millionth blogger to say it, but how is it nearly September?! It only feels like last week that I moved out of halls and back home for the summer, so its crazy to think in just over a weeks time I'll be moving back to my university city to begin my second year as a law student! To be honest, I haven't tried a massive range of new products this month as I've been trying to cut down on spending (and the amount of rubbish I own). However, the ones featured in this post are absolute gems which I'd happily recommend to anybody!
Vo5 Plump it up Dry Shampoo (£3.59/200ml) - I've tried my fair share of dry shampoos, although this baby happens to be my all time favourite. Unlike other brands this leaves my hair feeling freshly washed, while giving that  little bit of extra bounce.. In other words it's worth all 359 pennies and I will happily pick this up again!

3W Clinic Make Up Base ($30/50ml)* - I got this make up base in my Collagen cosmetics Memebox, and have been obsessed ever since. This is a primer, which aims to counteract redness while insuring your make up stays put - Perfect for bad skin days, and has been a complete stable in recent weeks!

WondeRuci Cacao Brightening Mask ($38/100g)* - Another Memebox find, although this time from my Cacao cosmetics box. This beauty smells just like chocolate brownie mix, I simply apply this all over my face with a foundation brush before having a bath and find that by the time I wash this off my skin just looks so much better. This is such a lovely little treat and I'll be gutted when I finally finish it, as it isn't the easiest to find in the UK!
Younique 3D Fibre Lashes ($29.00)* - My absolute favourite discovery this month has been this famous Younique mascara. Never before have my lashes looked so good without flasies! Well worth a try if you're as rubbish at applying them as I am. You can click to see my full review and what this looks like on  here!

Becca Cream Concealer (£30.00)  - I have been loving this for a few months now, although for some reason it hasn't yet featured in a favourites! This is just a lovely high coverage concealer which saves my skin on bad skin days! I also reviewed this recently, so click here to see more about this.

Revlon Colorbrust Matte Balm in Elusive (£7.99) - This is another product I have been loving for a while now, yet I keep forgetting to mention it! This is just an easy to wear lip crayon which I adore on myy lips! I will try and post a full review and swatches soon as this little beauty is great!

So there you have it, everything I have been loving this month! What have been your August favourites? 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes
If you haven't heard of Younique already, I'd recommend popping by my introduction to Younique post to learn more about how the brand works. As I mentioned in that post I was recently sent a Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes mascara* to try. When googling this product you are met with an abundance of pictures of fabulous looking eyelashes lashes, but even with these I was a little still skeptical about the product, as I knew that in many cases girls singing its praises where presenters benefiting from the sales of the mascara. Thankfully, after trying this for myself I can see why there is so much positive feedback online, this stuff is pretty much amazing! 
Younique UK Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes
For $29, you get get both the moonstruck transplanting gel and natural lash fibers in this rather snazzy looking case. Application is pretty simple, you simply coat your lashes with the transplanting gel, apply the fibers while the formula is still wet, then seal the deal by using the gel again.
Becky explained to me that you can even use your favourite mascara as your first coat, which I quite liked the look of, although eventually I realised that this performs so much better for me when I used Younique product alone. On the day I stated using the mascara in this way, my sister even asked where I got my falsies from!
Younique mascara
I love how easy both brushes are to work with, and in particular the hourglass shape of the transplanting gel! Never have my lashes appeared quite so dramatic, I love that this adds length and volume without clumping, You can even build upon the mascara by repeating the process for an even more dramatic look!
Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes brush
I recall speaking to another blogger a couple of months ago, who was terrified of the idea of using fibers on her lashes in fear of them falling into her eye, although personally I haven't experienced anything like this. I do however recommend applying before the rest of your make up in case a few fibers fall onto your face, this way they are easily removed with a cleansing water before carrying on with your daily routine.
The effects last all day, and the mascara is easily removed with my cleansing balm. I also love that you can add this on top of your regular mascara! You could literally throw this in your bag if you knew you were going from the office to a do, and have glam lashes in minutes!
Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes
Because of this, I think this mascara is worth the $29 (the equivalent to £17.51 incase you're wondering, although the UK price is yet to be confirmed).. I have tried my fair share of 'high end' mascaras and have been disappointed with the majority of them. Younique promises false looking lashes, and boy does it deliver! I also think its worth considering you're not simply paying for the one tube of mascara, you effectively get two because of the tube of fibers! This also works out so much cheaper than constantly buying false lashes, and is a million times easier too!
I just love wearing this, and know I will have to pick up another as soon as mine runs out! At the moment I've been trying to save for special occasions although have failed miserably as I just cant put it down.. Normal mascara will never be enough for me now! You can see more images of how this comperes to my old favourite mascara on my Facebook page here!

Anyone based in the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand can currently pick from Younique this up here, UK readers however will have to wait until the October launch! Which you can find out more about in this post and if you have any questions please feel free to direct them to my lovely Younique presenter, Becky on Twitter or Facebook.

Have you tried Younique?